For years I have searched for a company that would produce laser engraved crystal pictures for use on trophies. I have found some great companies, but one stands out from the rest. Crystal is not just one of those names that everybody knows; it is a name that evokes a feeling and brings to mind the romance, luxury and class. This is why I wanted to write an article on the company and what they have done for my company’s trophies and employee appreciation plaques.

The reason I wanted to write this article was because not everybody knows about these amazing crystal pictures and how they can be customized so they can be used for trophies and other things like office decorations and even laser engraved. Now that we have established that, I want to give you the lowdown on how to get your own laser engraved crystal pictures. Here is the process and I will give you a few ideas of where to get them from, so keep reading.

First, I got a phone call one afternoon from a really sweet lady who told me that her company, Acorn, specializes in back-to-school marketing and she asked if I might take a look at the crystal photo platters they have available. We did a little research and found several really cool items, including a crystal picture frame and a crystal award. One day we were going to a summer camp and she had them personalized with the children’s name on each of them and the date of their first day at camp. It was very cool indeed, and we were really impressed with the quality of the crystal photo crystals. I am now going to use them as back-to-school gifts for all of my children.

Second, I found out that you can also get laser engraving on the crystal itself. That is pretty neat, actually. I like the idea of using the same design on both sides of the crystal awards we have for our employees. That way, our staff can wear their badges or ID badges with pride and not worry about their crystal photo engraved crystals being destroyed in the process. That sure would be a good way to make our employees happy!

Third, I noticed that when you order these crystal photo gifts, you can choose to engrave either the logo or a phrase on each one. I love this option because I can use either phrase to commemorate either the special day or the special year my son was born. The phrase I have chosen to commemorate our son’s 6th birthday is “It’s a boy!” That is perfect for our Father’ Day gifts!

Crystal is always a nice gift. You can buy it just about anywhere. You can buy it in a store, online, or from a catalog. You should always take a look at the options you have before you order crystal engraving gifts. That way, you will be happy with your choice of crystal photo gifts!