Crystal Photo Block can be used in many of your crystal photo gifts. With so many choices of crystal photo blocks in the market today, it can be challenging at times to find the right ones for your crystal photo gift. But you should not worry because this is actually quite easy. Just follow these simple tips and you will get the best photo crystal block for your crystal photo gift. So just let me tell you how it goes.

First you need to choose your perfect crystal photo block. There are several types to choose from such as: foil embossed crystal, etched crystal photo, multi colored crystal photo, light refracting crystal photo, illuminated crystal photo and luminous crystal photo. Thanks to the innovative process of etching on the crystal, your photographs appear to float within the crystal photo block. It appears like 3D magnets would be floating inside the luminous base. That creates it a personalized crystal photo gift of high quality.

To personalize your crystal photo block, you need to select your picture, choose your engrave text and pick your gift box. Next, place your picture and text on the engraved plate of your choice and wait for it to dry. In no time at all, your personal photo gift box will be completed. Your engraved crystal photo block can be used for other purposes such as an elegant wedding gift, wedding party favor, scrapbook page, holiday card holder or keepsake box etc. After all that, all you have to do is engrave your laser engraving text in order to decorate your box.

There are many options you have when it comes to your crystal photo frame. You can go with a portrait format crystal photo block or a landscape format crystal photo frame. In a portrait format crystal photo blocks, you can place your favorite photos taken during special occasions such as your child’s baptism day, graduation day, your daughter’s wedding day, your son’s graduation day or your wedding anniversary. You can also have a look of the current trends and popular images available in the market that can add some spice to your personalized gift box.

For those who love to have a landscape format crystal photo block, you can simply use the current trend of landscape photos available in the market. With such a wonderful image, your photo gift box will be simply amazing. These are available in square and rectangular shapes. When it comes to the rectangular format, you can choose your favorite photo. Then, you can simply add the text you want to put in your picture. Remember, this text is what will make the whole photo block beautiful and unique.

You don’t have to limit yourself to these two formats. You can choose any type of photograph for your special photo gift. So, the next time you are planning to send us your photographs, don’t forget to take out the crystal photo blocks and make your gift beautiful. Your loved ones will definitely love it.