If you’d like to create this popular project yourself, then I’m sharing the original SVN cut for candy keychain project FREE as an example. There are many ways to design your own free candy keychain. With a little bit of cutting and customization, you can come up with a unique design that’s sure to spark some interest from passersby. In this article, you’ll receive a detailed tutorial on how to create your own fun project using only the Cricut design program. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can begin working on a cool project right away.

To start, you have to prepare all the materials needed to cut a Heart Keychain. These include a white paper, a pair of scissors, a craft mat, a pair of non-toxic safety scissors, and a clear glass lipstick. Make sure you store your craft mat in a safe place. Next, cut the white paper into the shape of a heart with the scissors. Make sure you get the best cut possible because the design is meant to be decorative. After cutting the paper, peel it back, and then lay it flat on the craft mat.

Next, you need to glue the sheet onto the craft mat. I recommend using yellow or pink glue since you won’t be able to see the design while attaching the sheet to the mat. Make sure you use the appropriate glue since there are many free SVG cutting adhesive sprays available online. Once the glue dries, press the sheet firmly on the glass and secure it with another piece of foam. Repeat the process for the other two free SVG cutting templates.

Next, it’s time to cut out the shapes. To do this, you will need two different colors of craft foam. Find one that matches the color of your Heart Keychain. Once you have found it, cut out the shapes using the two different colors of foam. Then, use the craft foam to press the shapes onto the heart-shaped template.

The last step is to glue the three pieces of foam together. I recommend using some clear spray paint since it’s a waterproof paint. You will also want to spray some black and red faux leather glue on the clasp so that the Heart Keychain stays together. Use your craft strap to hold the key ring in place and wait for it to dry. Now, it’s time to attach the fake heart charm to your key ring.

If you cut out a Heart Keychain that doesn’t fit on a key ring, then you will need to create a cutting mat. This is much like cutting a rubber band. You take the Heart Keychain out of the package and lay it on a cutting mat. Next, cut out the shape using the scissors that came with the foam, and then lay the piece down on the cutting mat to see what the resulting shape will look like.

With your head machine running, turn on the circuit machine and give the cricut a try. When you first start out, you may want to create small designs at first, then you can up your design capacity. If you have a large piece of fabric, such as a towel, and an area that you would like to decorate, lay a large piece of paper on the cutting mat. Using the paper, you will be able to trace the outline of the Heart Keychain onto the towel.

Then, take out your hvac equipment and turn on the machine. With the heat, you will be able to heat up the piece of fabric that you will be working with, then you can place the foam over the top right hand corner of the fabric. Then, with the circuit design space tool, you will outline the shapes that you have drawn onto the top right hand corner of the fabric. You will repeat this process until all of the shapes are completely outlined in the foam.